Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! 

Today has been lovely, I am back up in Yorkshire and have done nothing but eat, wear hideous penguin pyjamas and watch The Snowman. It has actually been a great day to reflect on this year. Not only has it made me realise how much I value my family and miss them while I am in London, it has also made me realise how things need to change.

Don't get me wrong, I am loving every minute of my life in the Big City, but I feel like I have been stuck in my comfort zone for a while. I know everyone suddenly thinks 'next year I will be different' in hope that they will wake up in 2015 having lost 5 stone with a stomach like Candice Swanpoel and a job as merely a New  York socialite. In reality, your sat on an icy winters night in January, eating a sausage roll, drinking Umbongo and cowering in your onesie. Sometimes I think I am too British for my own good. Anyway, I digress..

I just today wished Merry Christmas to one of my best friends who now lives in Canada and it wasn't until she asked how I generally am I actually took a minute to think. As far as being okay goes, I am fine, but is fine acceptable though? That being said, there are a few things that are a bit off at the moment and they need to change. I am not going to sit here and write every single problem I have on my blog because, well, I am sure you all have your own problems to worry about and half of you reading this probably know me. I don't want to be that debbie downer and make myself monstrously uncool. Kill my rep and all that.

I just know that I have been put through a lot this year, put myself through a lot and forgot what I stand for. That can't happen any more. I have no idea who I am really - I'm 24 years old and have a lot to experience. The big lights of London is definitely the place to do that, or maybe even further afield, who knows? But I won't hold myself back. I won't stand for being treated any less than what I deserve. I won't stop discovering the world or stop following my dreams. 2015 is onwards and upwards.

Thursday, 11 December 2014


30 thoughts from women in their 20s

I have no idea what I want to do with my life, in fact I’m going to sit here, ponder over it and eat chocolate and Doritos until I decide. Every night.

Saturday night clubbing? I would much rather sit in with a mug of tea, eating marshmallows, watching Saturday night TV and crying over the fact I don’t look like Cheryl Cole while squeezing the excess flab on my stomach.

I have definitely worked men out. I haven’t. Why is he such an idiot. I hate him. Where’s the Doritos?

Am I too old for Disney films? ........................ No.

Look at that huge pile of washing. I’ll do it tomorrow.

This bedding needs washing. Erm, I’ll do it tomorrow.

Why haven’t I washed my bedding for 3 weeks!?

How many chocolate HobNobs exactly is it acceptable to eat from this pack?

Calories don’t count if they are someone else’s chips.

How exactly does a pension work and do I need life insurance yet? Life insurance is a few quid a month?

That’s my box of Yorkshire Tea. No can do.

Of course I can afford this round of drinks Mum *PLEASE DON’T DECLINE, PLEASE DON’T DECLINE*

Seriously how do people afford the clothes out of this Glamour Magazine, that scarf is more than my monthly wage. I WILL ALWAYS BE POOR!

I hate men.

How many glasses is it acceptable to have in my bedroom?

Is it acceptable to eat this leftover pizza for breakfast? Totally.

I obvs don’t need to go to the gym today, because, well, I walked out for my lunch.

Taking the lift to 1st floor. Sorry, not sorry.

White wine has the same calories as a jam doughnut!? I will never look like a Victoria’s Secret model!

At what point does someone actually become an alcoholic? I mean, just out of curiosity like.

Back when I was a kid...

Oh god I am getting old, even 13 year olds think I’m uncool.

Actually no, I do not NEED this bag of Haribo. I am a strong, confident woma... oooh gummy bears.

Hang on, is that a grey hair!? Where’s the Doritos again?

You know, I totally understand Bridget Jones’ pain *picks up the vodka, singing all by myself while stroking my cat*

Oh fab, paid £50 of my student loan off. Just another £20950 to go!

Remind me why I did a degree again?

Top-knot, sheep pyjamas and Cookie Monster top to bed. My milkshake knows how to bring the boys to the yard.