Sunday, 26 October 2014

London Life

ONE year on and London is still a massive blur. Do you ever get used to it?

Despite it being my 20th time seeing Piccadilly Circus, 50th time walking down Oxford Street and 100th time walking past the Houses of Parliament, I still get bewildered. That being said, I still get homesick. I still miss the beauty of the countryside that you just don’t get in London. It’s fair to say that London is a world of its own and is worlds apart from the North.

I wouldn’t change London though. There is too much to see, from fascinating museums to glittering skyscrapers and from glowing bridges to weird and wonderful people. One thing London has made me realise is how utterly confusing – yet fabulous – spending your twenties in the Capital can be. I am only 23 years old and have a vision of where I want to be and who I want to be. I know I want to be a journalist and work in news and press. No doubt. End of. However, I have come to realise that having a set out plan just doesn’t work and only sets you up for stress and disappointment. You are much better having a goal in sight and enjoying the ride until you get there. Have fun. Work hard. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Take opportunities. Meet people.

One thing I don’t want is to wake up when I am 30 years old and think that I wasted my twenties. Therefore, I am completely throwing myself in to London, visiting galleries, quaint restaurants, landmarks, skyscrapers, dancing, socialising, meeting new people and doing new (and slightly odd) things that only London is famous for.  

Sure, I have a long way to go and with London throwing a tonne of emotion and stress in your life, it can get difficult, but it also throws bags of glitter in your face to sugar coat it. The thing is, London is not  just meant to live a boring life in, it is meant to challenge you, astound you and give you a life experience.

Like many others in the bright Capital, I work myself tirelessly and do other types of journalism work on top of my regular job. I do think I need to cut myself a bit more slack though, remember that I am only 23 and that I am building up my life and professional work experience in one of the best places in the world. London. 

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